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Personalized Coaching

Your body is a sacred temple. I offer personalized care to help you reconnect with optimal wellbeing. 
My sessions are a meditative journey of mind, body and spirit care. I am honored to support you in caring for your unique temple so your inner light can shine bright.

Through movements tailored to your needs, I will help realign your body, relieve tension and restore your vital energy. I will also guide you towards a healthy, nourishing diet that will boost your immune defenses.

Beyond the body, I invite you on an inner journey to discover your true self, free from limiting beliefs and thoughts.
Through meditation, relaxation and mindfulness exercises, you will explore your inner world, tame your emotions and find your path to fulfillment.

My holistic approach considers your being in its entirety. By taking care of your physical temple and inner garden, you will regain harmony between body, mind and spirit. Together, we will nurture your well-being and allow your true essence to blossom.

Group Sessions

Come experience a unique body journey during my group sessions. Through various disciplines such as Yoga, Pilates or Breathwork, I offer a sensorial voyage where movement and breathing reign supreme.

Thanks to targeted sequences and conscious breathing techniques, you will reinvigorate and harmonize your body while soothing your mind. You will reconnect with your inner sense of “presence”, the source of vital energy and self-expression.

My classes are the result of extensive research and an innovative therapeutic approach. I harmoniously combine postures, fluid movements, breathing and relaxation exercises to provide you with a holistic experience.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you will progress at your own pace in a benevolent environment. The group fosters motivating energy where everyone moves towards increased body awareness and inner serenity.

Join our thriving community! Together, let’s sculpt healthy bodies and free our essence.

I also offer online classes (via Zoom), where we meet weekly in joy and well-being, making the screen be forgotten.
For this, contact me by email :
or on Instagram @lidacanonne

Customized Corporate Courses

I organize Workshops, Team Building activities or wellness retreats for corporate groups. 

I also offer Yoga, Pilates, Meditation classes and Breathwork sessions (to reduce stress) directly at your company premises.

The sports sessions, as well as the workshops, can also be done online.


2 to 3 hour workshops, often on Sundays, with various themes combining personal development, spirituality and Meditation, Pilates (Anatomy, alignment…),Yoga, Breathwork, nutrition…always in a joyful and cheerful atmosphere.

Workshops are also available online. You can thus offer yourself ell-being, joy, and harmony while staying at home.

Contact me for info & schedule:
Mail :
Instagram @lidacanonne


I will propose, according to the seasons, getaways (sometimes short, just for a long weekend or sometimes longer, across the world) to offer you a happy break from daily life where you can rediscover and taste again the essential, in order to simply “be”. 

The daily program includes:
– Meditation at sunrise and/or sunset
– Two Yoga (or Pilates) sessions; sometimes dynamic, sometimes soft and restorative
– Mini workshops with various themes (personal development, spirituality, Meditation, Breathwork,…)
– Various outings
– And of course 3 organic vegetarian meals prepared with care + drinks and snacks all day long

Health & Nutrition

Learning to eat differently, and savor the pleasure at every moment.

Weight Loss

To get rid of what weighs down the body and weighs on our heart above all.

Mental Peace

Because happiness cannot reside in a restless mind. Invitation to meditation.

Balance & Relationships

Finding inner peace for more understanding in our relationships.

Work & Creativity

Learning to know oneself and listen to one’s deep feelings to develop one’s creativity and dare to change.

Sports & Training

To feel oneself moving in space, truly inhabit the body and savor our pure potential.

My bio

Lida H

After studying business and working in various fields including events, I turned to a more personal and spiritual path. Guided by the study of the human mind, wellbeing, health, the body and its endless potential, I rigorously trained in various methods. 

Initially fueled by a passion for psychology and NLP, I quickly became interested in the subtle link between the mind and health, eagerly exploring the fields of nutrition and phytotherapy. Then, drawn to a more holistic approach combining body and mind, I turned to somato-psycho-pedagogy, leading me to train in physical practices like Pilates, at the prestigious school in Boulder, Gyrokinesis method, the Feldenkrais method, as well as the Garuda method, an ingenious 3D blend of Yoga and Pilates in London.

But the pinnacle of this journey was discovering Yoga in all its depth, during several initiatory stay in India. 

Realizing this quest could not be complete without exploring the subtle dimensions of being, I pursued my learning of meditative techniques: Mindfulness, Transcendental meditation (repetition of Mantra), Dr. Joe Dispenza’s method, and finally the direct path of “non-dual” understanding & meditation.

Always seeking to connect body and mind to relieve physical and psychic pain, I also trained in an innovative approach, Breathwork, using the breath as a therapeutic tool (Qualified in Therapeutic & Functional Breathwork).

This is how over the years I developed a unique personalized coaching program that meets each individual’s specific needs; as well as group Yoga sessions, either pure Yoga (Hatha, Vinyasa) or gracefully combining Yoga postures, Pilates exercises, and specific movements, with the goal of attuning and balancing subtle energies with the body’s matter.

In parallel, I kindly guide and support my students on the path of self-knowledge. Thanks to my strong intuition, I share various practices with them to better understand and fulfill themselves.


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